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Exergy System Whitepapers
Executive Summary

A high-level look at how the Exergy System is reimagining the relationship between energy prosumers, consumers, and utilities, combining transactive energy innovations with blockchain technology to create a democratized energy marketplace.

Business Whitepaper

This in-depth discussion proposes what Exergy will accomplish and how it can be utilized, by illustrating how its technical value relates to the services that consumers and third parties can provide to one another and to the electric power system.

Technical Whitepaper

A technical discussion that introduces transactive energy, and goes on to define and describe the value domains and technical attributes required to allow transactive energy to work in the multi-party electric power system emerging today.

Our Global Partners

We’re partnering with Technology institutions, Energy Nonprofits, Manufacturing Facilities and Utility Providers throughout the world to create effective, localized energy solutions.

More Than a Token.
More Than a Platform.
Exergy is the key.

Combining blockchain’s decentralized digital ledger technology with our own innovative methods for capitalizing on energy and data, we’ve created a permissioned data platform to develop localized marketplaces for transacting energy across existing grid infrastructure. Though we’re just beginning to uncover the potential of Exergy to influence the energy model of the future, we’ve identified three primary use cases.

Peer-to-Peer Energy Networks

On the Exergy platform, prosumers—generating energy through their own renewable resource—can transact energy autonomously in near-real time with consumers on the platform in their local marketplace.



The distribution system operator is granted access to consumer data like building management systems. Using price as a proxy, the DSO manages energy use, load balancing, and demand response at negotiated rates.

EV Charging

When a charging station—public or private—or an electric vehicle has a surplus of energy, it is made available for purchase on the local network. Consumers can set budgets and be alerted to the availability via mobile app.

The Exergy Team

As an innovation of LO3 Energy, Exergy is built on decades of expertise in energy efficiency programs and regulations, structured finance, and developing technologies.

Cian Montgomery
Director, Technology
Melanie Adamson
Vice President, Marketing
Ben Conte
Director, Commercialization
Matt Brown
Director, Strategy & Operation
Molly Webb
Will Close-Brooks
Commercialization Manager
Andrew Dresner
Hardware Development – Lead
Renee Glinski
Software Engineer – Embedded
Chris Foster
Cloud Architect
Stephanie Hilliker
Product Owner
Kurt Rudolph
Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack
Chadwick Dahlquist
Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack
Aaron Ten Clay
Senior Software Engineer – Back End
Donald Welch
Senior Software Engineer – Back End
Jami Dwyer
Software Engineer – Front End
Ben Wick
QA Engineer
Aram Andriesian
Software Engineer
Jacob Paulsen
Software Engineer – Back End
Will Russell
Software Engineer – Front End
Matthew Schacht
Jr. Embedded Systems Engineer
Ian Zieg
Software Engineer – Full Stack
Sasha Reid
Platform Architect
Resident Doggo
Exergy Advisors

We work in collaboration with leading minds in renewable energy, blockchain technology, and community microgrid operations, each bringing deep industry expertise to the Exergy team.

Don Tapscott
Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute
Richard Li
General Partner at AlphaBlock Investments