Data for our Energy Future
Exergy unlocks the value of energy data around the world.
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Blockchain with Richard Li
Distributed Grid with Don Tapscott
Insights from Exergy Advisor Don Tapscott
Policy Paper
Transactive Energy Policy Paper

This paper considers the concept of ‘transactive energy’ and a range of supporting regulatory policies as a possible future framework for addressing the key challenges posed by the energy transition.

Our Global Partners

We’re partnering with technology institutions, energy nonprofits, manufacturing facilities and utility providers throughout the world to create effective, localized energy solutions.

Build the electric grid of the future

Exergy is a permissioned data platform to securely share and format the data required to run the electric grid of the future.

Grid Analytics

Use behind the meter data to predict grid operations and market pricing conditions. Enhance your forecasts and stay ahead of the competition.



Get access to behind the meter data in your service territory. Analyze grid constraints, accelerate interconnection and plan infrastructure upgrades.


Improve visibility into behind the meter assets on your grid. Use standardized data to optimize performance and improve demand forecasts.

Electricity Retailers

Lay the groundwork for VPP applications with standardized data from a wide variety of DER.

The Exergy Team

As an innovation of LO3 Energy, Exergy is built on decades of expertise in energy efficiency programs and regulations, structured finance, and developing technologies.

Ben Conte
Director, Commercialization
Matt Brown
Director, Strategy & Operation
Kurt Rudolph
Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack
Chadwick Dahlquist
Senior Software Engineer
Sean Grimes
Exergy Product Manager
Exergy Advisors

We work in collaboration with leading minds in renewable energy, blockchain technology, and community microgrid operations, each bringing deep industry expertise to the Exergy team.

Don Tapscott
Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute
Richard Li
General Partner at AlphaBlock Investments