Illuminating the behavior of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for a smarter grid.

What we do

Exergy is a data service powering the transition to a modern grid – helping researchers, policy makers and program designers access data from Distributed Energy Resources.

Real programs need real data

Convert exciting studies into new programs using performance data from systems in your territory. Don’t rely on theoretical models – make the case with real data.

If you’re designing DER programs or planning new incentive models, we should talk.

  • Demand-side Programs
  • Managed EV Charging
  • Rate Design
  • Resilience Planning
  • System Planning

Sharing data creates new opportunities

Installers and manufacturers share data to support the design of new DER programs. In turn, new programs create new value streams for existing DERs and support deployment of new systems.

  • Rooftop Solar + Storage
  • EV Charging
  • Smart Thermostats and Water Heaters
  • … and more

If you install systems or collect performance data, we should discuss how you can support the next generation of DER programs.

Get Involved

Tell us how you want to help unlock the full value of Distributed Energy Resources.

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