Few moments in history
are truly revolutionary.

This will be one of them.


The New Energy Crisis

The legacy energy grid is inadequate. Infrastructure is crumbling, and even with clean energy production on the rise, energy distribution fails to meet consumer needs. Exergy is a revolutionary approach to a localized energy marketplace. Combining new technologies and innovative methods for capitalizing on energy and data, creating a smarter and more efficient solution.

More Than a Token. More Than a Platform. Exergy is the key.

Exergy Executive Summary

Exergy Business Whitepaper

Exergy Technical Whitepaper

Blockchain is the Answer for Energy.
Applying Industry Expertise to the New Frontier in Energy

The Foundation

Advancing technology and policy for transactive energy by initiating research, advocating for improved regulatory frameworks, and investing in early-stage projects to advance the Exergy System.

Smart Device

Our proprietary Exergy-compliant meter is a hybrid device with both an electric meter and a computer. It collectively manages energy by measuring a building’s energy production and consumption.

The Exergy Token

The Exergy token system activates the transactive energy services to be developed and adopted faster at the grid edge.

The App

A customer-facing interface where units of electricity are bought and sold instantaneously at a local level on your computer or mobile device.


Jiong Ma, Ph.D.

Overall this is the exactly the quality of the team we’re looking for and this is just the first step, our investment, we believe to making the company great.

Phil Welker

This is the time when you’re gonna make a revolution in an industry where you do work hard and this is the time where you’re gonna make revolution in a company like LO3.

Ravi Pradham

We look at LO3 as a nice complement to aggregate all the kinds of energy that LO3 wants to manage and control and aggregate it up to a level where we at Siemens we will want to actually use or manage at a higher level.